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Train safely with a professional, experienced and certified Fit & Healthy Centre Personal Trainer.

All of our personal trainers are certified fitness professionals with vast working knowledge of human body mechanics. Their certification and experience not only assures quality, but guarantees an atmosphere of safe training that allows you to maximize your body's potential without the threat of injury.

Flo Olteanu - owner/manager

Florin (Flo) Olteanu - Owner/Manager

As Owner and Manager of Fit & Healthy Personal Training Studio since it’s beginning in 1994. 

Flo has a degree in Physical Education, is a certified Fitness and Nutritional Consultant and Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Flo has been an athlete all his life, competing at the highest levels of competition, but highlights in his personal background include participation in the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in the bobsled event.

Flo specializes in designing personalized fitness and nutritional programs to assist each client with their specific goals and objectives. From weight loss management, accident/injury rehabilitation, cardio/orthopedic rehabilitation, sports conditioning, to improving health and physical fitness, Flo will design an effective program just for you. 

Flo monitors the results being achieved by every client of Fit and Healthy and works with each trainer to modify client programs, thereby guaranteeing success!

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Austin Fister - CPT

Austin Fister - HK, Fitness and Health Promotion, CPT 


In October 2017 Austin Fister joined our training team at Fit & Healthy. A graduate of the Fitness and Health Promotion Studies program at St. Clair College, Austin is enthusiastic about beginning his career in his chosen field. Having played soccer, football, basketball, volleyball and run cross country Austin is no stranger to athletic performance and its benefits to living a fit and healthy life. Today, its power lifting that occupies his leisure time! While at St, Clair Austin completed a 4 month work program with Spine Joint & Sports Injury Clinic where he helped demonstrate physio based exercises to help with rehabilitation of injuries. 

Whether you are looking for assistance with strength training, conditioning or even rehabilitation of a nagging injury, Austin may be the trainer for you!

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Anna Fan - HK, CPT

Anna Fan - HK, CPT

In June 2019, Anna Fan joined the team of professional Trainers at Fit & Healthy Centre. Anna is a senior student at The University of Windsor pursuing an honours degree in Human Kinetics. Through volunteer work as a personal trainer for adults with autism and a student athletic therapist for the University’s cross country and track and field team, Anna is committed to helping others stay active and to prevent any injuries. As a previous track runner, she has always tried to stay active in different ways such as trying out hot yoga and bouldering. Her new favourite hobby consists of looking for different types of stretches to do after physical activity. Filled with an enthusiastic desire to help motivated individuals to reach their fitness goals, Anna may just be the Trainer for you.

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Sally Elsayed - HK, CPT

We are pleased to welcome Sally Elsayed to our team of professional Trainers at Fit & Healthy Centre. Sally graduated from The University of Windsor with an honour degree in Human Kinetics. She is also a certified CanFitPro Personal Trainer specialist.

If you would like to book some sessions with Sally, just contact our studio and we’ll get you set up.

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Alanna Olteanu - Customer Service

Alanna Olteanu - Customer Service

In January 2016, Fit & Healthy welcomed Alanna Olteanu to the team at our studio. She is currently working as a customer service representative and is in training to become a personal trainer. She is a 2nd year student at the University of Windsor and is studying Biomedical sciences. She has many experiences with customer service throughout her volunteering as a tennis coach at Parkside tennis club, a researcher for the University or Windsor and a volunteer for Let’s Talk Science where they teach young students the importance of biology and chemistry. As a former competitive tennis player, Alanna understands the importance of staying active and healthy, and has now began boxing to maintain her healthy lifestyle. Filled with excitement and enthusiasm, she would love to get others on board to starting their fitness journey with her at Fit & Healthy Centre!

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Dumitru Deaconu - RMT

Dumitru Deaconu - RMT


As a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) with 12 years of experience, Dumitru join the team at Fit & Healthy providing Massage Therapy services. Have worked for several years in a chiropractic clinical setting, he has significant experience with ligament, muscular, and tendon dysfunction, as well as injuries and postural imbalances. His technique is to apply Swedish massage therapy and non-Swedish massage techniques to help patients heal and manage/decrease pain. Massage is beneficial in that it helps maintain physical and mental well-being and relaxation, flexibility, and decrease muscle tension and aches.  Post-workout massage is especially beneficial as it helps reduce muscle soreness and improves recovery time. To achieve these benefits, he will use the following techniques: Swedish Massage, Deep Muscle Therapy, Trigger Points, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Hydrotherapy, Hot Stone Therapy, and Manual Lymph Drainage. 

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide people with the knowledge they need to become more physically fit, to motivate them to achieve new and exciting goals, and to challenge them in ways that will make their new level of fitness fun, natural and most of all functional in their live so that they can continue indefinitely with a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

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