Fit & Healthy Centre

  An alternative to the mega clubs

Fitness Studio & Personal Training, Windsor

  • An alternative to the mega clubs
  • Short term memberships available
  • Private, non-intimidating and supportive setting
  • Certified Fitness Professionals and Nutrition Specialists
  • Personalized exercise programs and meal plans
  • Results oriented fitness studio

A lifetime athlete who competed 1988 Winter Olympic Games, Flo Olteanu opened a small, personal training studio in 1995 to serve the needs of Windsor/Essex County. After expanding the exercise area twice, Flo moved the studio to its present location at 3200 Deziel Drive (E.C.Row at Central) and has created an upscale fitness studio for people who want to achieve optimal health and well being through regular exercise and proper nutrition.

Our 3800 square foot, fully equipped fitness studio is designed as an alternative to the mega clubs and offers a private, non-intimidating and supportive setting, where members are comfortable learning about proper nutrition and the correct way to use and master our state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

Membership is kept to less than 100 clients, ensuring that Flo and his certified trainers are available to service each client. At Fit & Healthy Centre, we believe it's all about you. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your body, improve your athletic performance, rehabilitate an injury or a heart condition or just want to get in a better shape, Fit & Healthy Centre has something for everyone.

Every member of Fit & Healthy receives a complete fitness evaluation, nutritional counselling, specialized fitness instruction on the use of all machines, as well as a personalized workout program which is inputted right on one of the four computers, allowing you to track your workouts.

Private rooms are used for one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer. If you prefer, personal training sessions can be shared with a friend in order to reduce the cost.

Our goal is to motivate and educate you about the importance of physical activity and nutrition in your life and to make sure that your personal health and fitness goals and expectations are met.

Don’t put off improving your health and fitness one more day. Visit the Fit and Healthy Centre and embark on the program that will finally make your goal of becoming the BEST THAT YOU CAN BE, a reality.

Our programs focus on YOU and provide everything YOU will need to ensure YOUR success.

How It Works?

At Fit & Healthy, we believe it's all about you. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your body, improve your athletic performance, rehabilitate an injury or a heart condition or just want to get in a better shape, Fit & Healthy has something for everyone.

Every member of Fit & Healthy receives a complete fitness evaluations, nutritional counselling, meal plan based on your metabolic rate, personalized workout program, access to our computerized in studio system and online personal training site

Here’s what Fit & Healthy Training Studios will offer …

Fit & Healthy- is a real alternative to the mega clubs. We limit our membership to no more than 150 clients so we know you by name, know what you are trying to achieve and can give you the personalized attention you need to reach your goals!

Fit & Healthy offers you a private, non-intimidating and supportive setting. While our clients range in age from 14 to 80, we cater to a mature, busy, professional membership with the average being upwards of 40 years of age!

Fit & Healthy takes the time to put together a personalized exercise programs and nutritional plans, designed for each individual; from someone just looking to loose weight to competitive athletic training. Our programs are easy to follow using our computerized training program, not offered anywhere else!

Fit & Healthy does not require long-term contracts so you choose the training package you are most comfortable with!

Fit & Healthy offers you results!

If you are ready to get in the best shape you can be, just follow these 3 easy steps …

Step 1:

Set an initial consultation for a tour and information on our studio.

Step 2:

Meet your Trainer. You will be assigned a Personal Trainer who will be there to guide you on your road to success. Your Trainer will be responsible for your Fitness Assessments, goal setting, training programs, nutritional counselling and meal plan, and will motivate you to ensure you remain on track!

Step 3:

Follow the program. Start training by following your personalized program using our in-studio computerized system and our fitness software website “”. Your trainer will monitor your program and make necessary adjustments as you go. You will have a program and progress evaluation monthly with your trainer. For even better results additional personal training sessions are available starting at $30.00 per session.

About Our Studio:

Dr. Robert Wilson

"I was to young to feel the complaints of aging. Golfer’s elbow, heel spurs and lower back pain were sending me a message. I need to get stronger and more limber. Two friends, an orthopedic surgeon and a general practitioner recommended me their club, Fit & Healthy. I give it a try. Eight months later, I remain committed to my 6:00 am session with my trainer, three times weekly. When you’re out of shape, you can injure yourself. You don’t overstrain your muscle when someone is watching over you. The trainer helps you get more exercise in. It also makes exercising more interesting and challenging. The disappearance of my old aches keeps me motivated."

Dr. Thomas Oper

“As a Pediatric Dentist I am constantly seeing children with colds throughout the winter months. Before joining Fit & Health, I would often be ill two or three times each winter, requiring antibiotics for chest infections. After starting my individually structured program at Fit & Healthy and obtaining an annual flu shot I have now gone three years without a respiratory infection. Thank you Fit & Healthy!”

Nicole Bussieres

"Flo and his trainers have helped me reach goals I would never have been able to attain myself. The one-on-one personal training sessions were amazing, helped give the kick I needed and I learned a variety of new exercises. The personalized workout program is now an easy transition, it's easy to follow and keep up my results. It takes all guess work out of working out and ensures you are following the appropriate program that will get the bets results for your own particular needs. I love the more intimate atmosphere and don't feel intimidated working out. Whenever I have a question or need assistance whether it is with nutrition or an exercise, Flo and his trainers are always there with an answer or help."

Angela Hanson

"I have been a member of Fit & Healthy Centre for close to six years. I have reached many personal goals through my membership. I feel good about myself. The people who attend Fit & Healthy Centre are all focused, fun and motivating to be around. The staff are encouraging, educated and lots of fun."

Rick Miller

Since starting at Fit & Healthy, I have been stronger than ever before. Flo and his team do a great job of keeping me in the best shape possible, and with the help of the Fitness PTO website I can stay on top of my workouts and diet no matter where I go. I have found that the Fitness PTO program has allowed me to revamp my workouts by changing my exercises and tracking my progress. The program acts as a coach, and can be used anywhere I go. Being a student at the University of Windsor, I need a gym that is close to school and Fit & Healthy is exactly that. In 15 minutes I can be out of class and well into my workout. Unlike crowded gyms, I never have to wait for a machine or cut my workout short. And with a trainer on staff, I always have a spotter and professional to consult with. I have noticed myself progress and become stronger, and this only motivates me to continue into the future.

Yvonne Oats

"A very nice atmosphere, excellent trainers and always feel welcome when I come in."

Karen Stiegler

"Your programs for fitness and nutrition really do work. They are easy to follow and with the help of your staff the program is enjoyable one with amazing results. Six weeks in to the program I feel great and I'm confident that I will continue this fitness and nutrition lifestyle."