Fit & Healthy Centre

  An alternative to the mega clubs

Fitness Studio Membership best rates

Fitness Studio Membership best rates
  • Short term membership
  • Assigned Personal Trainer
  • Customized exercise programs
  • Nutritional Counselling 
  • 24/7 Online support

Training clients since 1994 has enabled me create a training system that is efficient, motivating, and which will help you achieve the best results you can!   
At Fit & Healthy Fitness & Personal Training Studio, your starting point is your initial Fitness Assessment that will tell you where are you at the start of your training regime.  From there you will work with your assign Trainer to set your goals.  This is simply what you want to accomplish.  The next step your Trainers will create your personalized training program and your meal plan to get results in the most efficient way possible.  Your assigned Trainer will meet with you monthly, to evaluate your progress and make necessary suggestions allowing you to achieve maximum results, efficiently!

Your membership at Fit & Healthy includes:
  • Unlimited access to our fitness studio
  • In-Studio training assistance from our Certified Trainers
  • Fitness Evaluation to start with regular updates
  • Customized Exercise Program tailored to your specific goals to start with regular updates
  • Nutrition Information and Meal Plan based on your BMR
  • Access to the "Fit & Healthy" computerized training system
  • Access to our online fitness program
  • Online support from our FitnessPTO Trainers
  • In Studio Assigned Trainer to monitor your program & progress
  • Monthly one-on-one program & progress evaluation by your assigned Trainer
  • Unlimited access to Nutritional Counselling from a Certified Nutritional Consultant
  • Discounted personal training sessions starting at $ 33.00/ session 
  • Sauna & Towel service (workout & shower)
  • Wi-Fi